Naming Opportunities

Calling it your own:

In addition to naming the Hospice House, donors may also name areas and items in the facility as a way to permanently recognize their commitment to serving others or memorialize a loved one in some way.

Hospice House: SECU Hospice House

This inpatient facility will have rooms large enough to accommodate overnight stays by family members and places for families and friends to gather.  Share meals and time together with each other and their loved one.  It will offer the highest level of impatient hospice care through therapeutic social, emotional, spiritual and grief support.

Hospice House Campus: $250,000

The campus itself will include parking areas, paths, and other amenities to support patients, families, caregivers, and pets.

Chapel & Quiet Room: $150,000

This will be a nondenominational chapel to accommodate private services for families and friends.  It will also serve as a quiet room for friends and family to gain comfort from their faith and each other.

Care Team Station: $100,000

This prominent area is the central area for the specially trained professional and volunteer staff that is caring for the patients and their families.

Kitchen: $100,000

The kitchen will be a place where family and friends can prepare snacks and meals.

Main Dining Room: $100,000

Enjoy a leisurely lunch or formal dinner with family and friends (shared space with the Living Room).

Living Room: $100,000

A comfortable place for family/friends to visit (open space shared with the dining area). 

Family Room:
Rachel Friday/Jeff Schenck Family Room

This will be a homelike environment featuring a fireplace for patients, families and visitors to gather.

Porte-Cohere': $100,000

This is the covered drive up to provide protection from the weather as patients arrive at the house.

Patient Suites (3 Available): $100,000
Maki Patient Suite - In Memory of George & Elizabeth Maki
Suite 2 - Under Consideration
Suite 3 - Under Consideration

Each patient suite is comfortably designed with family seating/sleeping, private bathroom and porch.

Patient Therapeutic Spa: $100,000

The patient spa will provide access to a whirlpool spa with therapeutic jets to assist in pain management and soothe emotional and physical stresses.

Reception/Lobby Foyer:
Philip L. Van Every Foundation Foyer

This is the first area inside the hospice house that patients and visitors will see.  It is the location where all visitors check in and are greeted.

Angel Room: $75,000

The angel room is especially designed to support the staff and volunteers that care for the hospice house, patients, and their loved ones.  There will be lockers, break area, and cots.

Elevator: $50,000

The elevator will provide easy access between floors of the Hospice House.

Sun Room: $50,000

The sun room is an inviting place for patients and loved ones to enjoy the outdoors.

Front Porch:
Entegra Bank Front Porch

Is the first place to welcome visitors to the hospice house.

Conference Room: $25,000

To be used for meetings and private counsel with medical, spiritual and legal counselors.

Family Laundry Room: $25,000

The hospice house understands the need for such a facility.  It is important that loved ones have the ways and means to maintain their own comfort while staying with the patient.

Stairway: $25,000

Provides access between floors of the Hospice House.

Family Bath & Shower: $20,000

Offering the family facilities to maintain their own personal hygiene.

Staff Bath & Shower: $15,000

Offering staff and volunteers facilities to maintain their own personal hygiene.

Staff Kitchenette: $15,000

A room with small appliances to accommodate  staff/volunteer meals and refreshments.

Dictation Room: $15,000

Used by Hospice House staff to privately record patient-related information.

Pharmaceutical Supply Room: $10,000

For storing and dispensing medications and supplies for the care and comfort of patients.

Freisem/Mast Gazebo – In memory of Jane Freisem
McPhail Gazebo

The hospice grounds will have spaces perfect for gazebos so patients and loved ones can enjoy being outside and each other.

Fireplace (in Family Room): $10,000

The focal point of the Family Room.

Work/Copy Room: $10,000

Will house office equipment in support of the Hospice House staff/volunteers.

Half Bath (off Family Laundry Room): $10,000

A rest room, in addition to the Family Bath & Shower and Staff Bath & Shower.

Storage/Supply Rooms (7 available): $5,000

Rooms for maintaining such things as linens, carts, and office, housekeeping and medical supplies.

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